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Campaign Promises
This campaign is about repairing the reputation of Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach should be the crowning jewel of America. Right now it’s not even the crowning jewel of The Grand Strand. These days when people come to “Myrtle Beach” they stay south of the city, in Pawleys Island, or they stay north, in North Myrtle Beach. The perception of Myrtle Beach is that its become a dangerous city. This harms everyone in our area whether we reside in Myrtle Beach, Carolina Forest, Surfside, etc… Restoring the reputation of Myrtle Beach is the key to lower taxes and a robust economy.
The Campaign Promises are SIMPLE. I promise the changes will be felt IMMEDIATELY. This WILL NOT take 4 years to fix. You will see changes in MONTHS, not years. Big changes will be enacted to make this a FAMILY FRIENDLY BEACH AGAIN.
There are many people around the country watching this Mayor’s race. They will come back, and make Myrtle Beach their “home away from home” once again.
Three Steps:

1) No Tolerance Crime Policy
This is our home. These are our rules. It’s as simple as that.
Curbing gun violence starts with eliminating the drug dealing. We are done with both. Period.
When I first moved to Myrtle Beach in 1987 – we used to “cruise the Boulevard” but we knew not to get out of line. We didn’t even dare play our music too loud. We were respectful because the area carried itself with dignity and respect was expected.

2) Restore Pride in our Beach
When you have visitors in YOUR house you clean it up, making it as nice as possible for your guests. We must stand together as a community and show the nation that we take pride in our beach – our home. 
These are simple solution and there are plenty of leaders in our community that will stand up and volunteer to organize, to clean the beach and the streets. We do this in January and February. The nation will see that Myrtle Beach is healthy, strong and that our family welcomes theirs. 
This will also send a message to people that WE CARE.

3) Give a Voice to ALL Residents Here
No longer will your voices be silenced. I intend to be a full time Mayor. I’m going to set up a tent outside of City Hall… I’ll pull up a lawn chair and if you want to come see me to talk about something – I will be right there for you. I don’t care if you live in Carolina Forest or in Surfside. If you live here — If you work here — If you have a business here? I will listen to you.
I will also spend TWO WEEKS working in EVERY DEPARTMENT in the City of Myrtle Beach. I will start with the Sanitation Department. Two weeks working side by side with everyone there. Then I’ll spend two weeks working in the Business License office. I will work every job and listen to the workers there and find out HOW the city can be run better. 
These changes are just the start. So much can be accomplished by being creative and solving big problems with simple solutions. Please join me.
This is OUR Beach and TOGETHER we can take it back.
Gene Ho


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